Do one thing really well

With their 10th anniversary coming up George & Lucy at Brown & Blond
took the opportunity to re-look at their business and their brand
they approached us to help them to create a brand which really reflected their personalities and helped them stand apart in an increasingly crowded market. Brown & Blond only make brownies and blondies, no Battenberg, no French Fancies and certainly no Cupcakes.

Looking at their competition it became clear that being experts in one area of baking was their main point of difference and something that should be celebrated, so we positioned them with a no-nonsense idea.

Brown & Blond make brownies full stop.

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Our brand idea was brought to life with bold but friendly typography and a customised enlarged full stop which reflects their famous brownies.

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The full stop becomes a key part of the visual language for use on packaging, van livery and social media.

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We produced 4 key hero images that show off the brownies but also hint and the ingredients and making process in a playful and contemporary way.
Photography by Angus McDonald.