Seeing the humanity in every situation

We worked with the inspirational team at Human Relief Foundation to rebrand the international NGO. Their amazing humanitarian aid work is multifaceted and complex but it is unified by the intent to help people regardless of age, gender, political affiliations or religious beliefs.

To reflect this we worked together to create a brand idea - seeing the humanity in every situation which we brought to life visually by putting a human at the heart of their brand. This created a flexible and adaptable visual system as well as a simple, distinct symbol to help identify the organisation in some of the world's most disrupted environments.

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Our human icon is the basis for an entire supporting visual system, designed to bring consistency but not uniformity to all communications.

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The human icon is at the heart of any piece of communication. We can use it as a window to bring our proposition to life by allowing the reader to see the humanity in any situation for themselves. Or cropped into to create holding shapes for any other type of content.

Photography supplied by Human Relief Foundation

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When appropriate we can also use our human icon to replace the ‘R’ in certain words or phrases.These are used to draw attention to certain types of situations we are involved in and can help explain the organisations work in a simple and impactful way.

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The brand in action across the world.

All imagery is owned by Human Relief Foundation

The Common Room understood our organisation's rebrand goals. Their work has exceeded expectations and they have been a pleasure to work with.

Mohammed Rahman

Head of International Programmes
Human Relief Foundation